Sopereme 2.0 Fancafe Pre-Orders (minimum 2 Bottles Purchase)

Sopereme 2.0



Q: What is in the Freebie Pack?

A: The Freebie Pack consists of 1 badge, 2 tickets, 2 polaroid prints, 2 illustrated cards and 2 stickers.

Q: Can I choose my bottle design?

A: Bottle designs are specific to flavours; ordering 2 of the same drinks will give you the same bottle design. 

Red label - Milky Coffee, Milky Choco, Milky Mocha, No-Milky Black

White label - Milky Matcha, Milky Hojicha, Milky Genmaicha

Q: Would I have to queue to collect my order on event days?

A: Collection for pre-ordered brews will be given priority over walk-in customers across event days. However, if you’d like to make an additional on-site purchase on top of the collection of your order, you will have to join the regular walk-in queue.

Q: Can I dine-in if I have pre-ordered the bottle brews?

A: There will be a separate form for dine-in reservations. If you have booked a reservation for dine-in, you are free to enjoy your pre-ordered brews there and then :)

Q: What will I receive if I order more than 2 bottles?

A: Bottles are only sold in sets of 2, and you will receive 2 full sets of free gifts per order of 2 bottles. If you’d like to purchase more than 2 bottles, you can purchase in multiples of 2. 2 x Order = 4 Bottles = 4 Sets of Gifts

Q: How do I collect my order?

A: Simply present your email confirmation with the order number to the staff at GTM and they will assist you from there.

Q: What if I’m not able to collect on Event Days?

A: If you are unable to collect your orders from GTM across the event days, you may get someone to collect your order on your behalf. Alternatively, you can arrange to have them collected from GTM on a different day. Please contact us before placing your order.

Q: Can someone collect my order for me?

A: Yes, you may have someone collect your order on your behalf. Just present the order confirmation email/order number to the friendly staff at GTM, and they will be able to assist you with it. However, please note that only 1 collection per order (no splitting of order collection)

Q: Can I purchase Bottled Brews directly on the event day?

A: Yes you may purchase Bottle Brews on event days itself (*subject to availability), however, they will be packaged in the default GTM Bottled Brew packaging and not the special SOPEreme bottle packaging.

Q: I already placed my order but I made a mistake. Can I change my order?

A: Please contact GTM via email regarding any amendments to be made to any existing order.

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